Robert Downie



Robert lives and works from his home on the North Norfolk coast near Cromer and his work is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of where he lives.

"In my latest work I attempt to simplify the North Norfolk landscape, particularly Cromer and Overstrand, until it becomes a classic template for our childhood memories, allowing each viewer to imprint their own perceptions and connotations onto every image. I seek to reflect the simplicity of that childlike state in forms reminiscent of the classic beach postcard or fairytale illustration from a more innocent age"

Call us on 01263 511234 for originals currently in stock.

40 x 50cms Limited edition prints from gouache and pen and ink originals  

                £65.00 unframed   £95.00 Framed  16" x 12"  £50.00

Beach Huts at Wells.jpg
Winter's Beach.jpg
Norfolk Holidays
Overstrand Summer (C)
Moonlight Walk
Laid Up
East Beach Sunrise
Cromer Crabs
Beach Huts at Mundesley (Low Res)
Northrepps' Winter (Low Res)
Mundesley Summer
Cromer Christmas
Pretty Corner Woods
Cromer Autumn (Low res)
Cromer Twighlight
woodland winter 2
woodland summer 2
woodland spring 2
woodland autumn 2
Overstrand to Cromer
Gathering Storm
Limpets £50.00
Washed Up £50.00
Bright Flints £50.00
Beach Huts at Cromer £50.00
Spring Evening £50.00
A Murder by Moonlight £50.00
Harebell Moon £55.00

10" x 8" Monochrome prints at £25.00 each

New Moon Hare
Spring Morning
House in the Woods
Under a Full Moon
February Snow
Hunter in the Snow
Summer Dawn
Startled Deer
Distant Thoughts
Path in Winter
Wooded Hillside
Cottage in the Snow