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Exhibition Space at the Garden House

Want to stage your own exhibition? The Garden House has a dedicated gallery room that can be hired by the week at reasonable cost. This will appeal to emerging artists, art groups and those keen to showcase their work to a new audience.


 • 10 square metres of hanging space
• open 7 days a week and fully staffed
• space in a lively gallery on a busy shopping street
• friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff
• free publicity via website and shop window
• publicity and online listings advice
• no commission - artist takes 100% of sales
• hanging system
• private view, if desired, by arrangement
To secure your art space dates please call Kate, Joy, Fiona or Lisa on
01263 511234 or email us:

Exhibition Space fees:
January, February : £85.00 per week
 March:  £125.00 per week
Easter £150.00
April; May; June ; July:   £125.00 per week
August: £150 per week
September; October : £125 per week
November : £85 per week
December £125.00

The Garden House reserves the right to refuse unsuitable work.
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