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Kurt Moore, a printmaker located in Norfolk, draws inspiration from the beauty of wildlife. Having pursued Fine Art at university and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design, he has actively participated in national exhibitions.


For Kurt, artistic expression serves as an escape, allowing him to concentrate on the interplay of object, strokes, ink, and paper. This integration of materials results in graphic representations that reflect his nature-themed inspirations.


Recently, he has rekindled his passion for lino printmaking, unveiling a new series of works inspired by marine and coastal themes. Employing the reduction relief printing method, Kurt handprints each colour layer, carving the lino block further to create depth and dimension. The handmade nature of each print ensures unique pieces with subtle differences in colour variations. Kurt's signature style combines graphic elements with a touch of realism.


Printing in a Norfolk cottage, all his art, every print, is handmade allowing each person to own a one of a kind piece. Kurt is an avid chef who loves cooking, which leads to culinary creations, and at times his sea food (crabs, octopus etc.) can feedback into his printing.