Absolutely charming and quirky original watercolours and limited edition prints by Nick Chinnery. He captures the essence of Cromer's shops, sights and favourite places to visit and stay a while.

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So, after spending £3.97 in QD, Cromer on the very basic watercolour equipment I wanted to paint Cromer after being inspired by other artists locally. From which point I began to sketch and paint and the passion for art was created.

Due to work commitments I had to stop painting for around 16mths but began once again the turn of 2020.

2020, was an extremely tough year for everyone, due to the covid pandemic. For me it was especially so, both professionally and personally - so early Jan 21 I decided to paint the fine city of Norwich and posted on social media which helped me mentally and it appears many others with the comments I received daily throughout the 98-day period

 I produced a scene a day - totalling 101 paintings for my ‘Lockdown Series of Norwich’

After the local press had heard of the series, I was approached by ITV to do a piece as this was a positive and inspiring story. The very next day is was approached by an associate of Delia Smith about the availability of the series to purchase to hang on permanent display in Yellows Bar & Grill at Carrow Road, the home ground of Norwich City Football Club - at this point I broke down…..literally, having such a tough year and many life changes for this to happen via my hobby was totally overwhelming and an amazing opportunity I couldn’t decline - Delia, Lindsey and those associated with yellows and NCFC have been so very supportive and I’m so very humbled that they would like my art on show.

I’ve now decided with the support of my new partner, friends and family to take the leap to become a full-time artist...currently living the dream, how long it lasts - who knows, but currently my time is spent completing new art, commissions, new exhibitions and pop up shops later this year.

I’m under no illusion that bills need to be paid, and should the art not be sufficient to do so then I will go back to part time work and art, but I’m going to try and ride this wave as long possible and endeavour to make this work – 

,I strive to produce affordable art with most scenes available as prints, cards along with originals.


Nick Chinnery
Nick Chinnery